What is a CPAP Machine and Why Should I Clean It?

CPAP machines, or continuous positive airway pressure machines, are used specifically to help those with obstructive airway sleep apnea. In other words, CPAP machines are used at nighttime and they force air into the user’s airway. This prevents the airway from collapsing or becoming obstructed and allow the sleeper a successful night of sleep.

That being said, CPAP machines typically need to be used every single night. If they are not used nightly, the user runs the risk of increased sleep apnea. As with anything you use on a daily basis, it is important to clean your CPAP machine. If you do not keep your CPAP machine clean, you run the risk of exposing yourself to bacteria.

Additionally, by doing a simple cleaning on your CPAP machine every week, you improve the length your CPAP machine will last. Over time, this becomes extremely effective.

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SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner Reviews

There are many CPAP cleaners on the market today, but none are quite as effective as the SoClean 2. This CPAP cleaner works easily and efficiently for many different CPAP users. Set-up takes less than 15 minutes and daily use requires no added time. The ultimate result of using this CPAP cleaning machine is that is kills 99.9% of germs, which keeps you safe and your beloved CPAP machine working for much longer. This CPAP cleaner also allows you to breathe more easily, which is a great benefit for those with allergies or asthma.

This Cleaner and Sanitizer does come with a price tag. However, for those struggling with allergies, asthma or immune system diseases, it is certainly worth the purchase. Many of the users admit that the amount they paid seemed priceless after the first year. The SoClean 2 quickly makes up for the cost!

Who will the SoClean 2 help?

The SoClean 2 will help any CPAP users. However, there are specific CPAP users who will benefit more from the use of this machine. Primarily, those with COPD, asthma, allergies, or immune disorders.

For those with COPD, which is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the SoClean 2 will be a major benefit. Those with COPD suffer most from constant exposure to air pollutants or dust. By using the SoClean 2, COPD users are promised a clean, pollutant-free CPAP machine every night.

Those with severe allergies suffer much the same as those with COPD. When there are constant air pollutants, dust, pet dander, or other allergens invading the tubes of the CPAP, their condition often becomes worsened. The SoClean 2 can remove these allergens from the CPAP machine, providing better breathing conditions.

Those with immune disorders can suffer if their CPAP machine becomes full of too many bacteria or viruses. Those with asthma also suffer from a build-up of allergens, pollutant, or dust.

Aside from helping those with the previously listed health concerns, the SoClean 2 can help family members of the afflicted. The family members may be distracted or awoken by the afflicted’s coughing and congestion. However, the SoClean 2 can remove much of this disruption, allowing for a better night’s sleep for the whole family.


This SoClean 2 comes with 7 components. The first component is the actual SoClean CPAP Sanitizing unit. This is the main unit which is used. The next two pieces you will find in this box come already set up on this machine.

The first is the removable hose slot. The slot can slide in and out, but comes fully equipped in the main unit and ready to be used.  The second is the SoClean 2 Filter Cartridge. Keep in mind, this is a piece which has to be changed at different times, so you will want to keep extras on hand.

There is also a Neutralizing Pre-Wash Concentrate included. It is important to use this pre-wash concentrate on your CPAP equipment before using the SoClean 2 for the first time.

The most key feature to this device is the SoClean 2 Check Valve Assembly. This is where a small hose connects to the bottom of your SoClean 2. This hose is what ultimately cleans your CPAP machine.

The other component found in the SoClean 2 box is the User Guide. Not only does this provide instructions for putting the SoClean 2 together and for using the SoClean 2, it also provides the user with numbers to call for support. This is crucial if you encounter any strange, ill-fitting parts in your box. It may well be that a part is defective, as there is room for error in any major company.

Finally, there is an AC Power adapter which is what you plug into the wall and what powers your SoClean 2.


Assembling the SoClean 2 seems like a very easy process, however there are many complicated steps to be had.

The very first step is to use ¼ of the Neutralizing pre-wash concentrate with one gallon of water. You should then use this to clean the mask, hose, and reservoir of your CPAP machine. This must be used, as there are some components of the CPAP machine which may react poorly with the cleaning agent of the SoClean 2. This is because of the activated oxygen involved in the cleaning process.

Do not use the neutralizing pre-wash concentrate with any of the SoClean 2’s equipment. Doing so can result in mechanical failure.

Next, you have two options. The first option is if your CPAP machine has a humidifier. Take the injection fitting on the reservoir and attach it to the bottom of the CPAP reservoir. You may need to trim this hose down. Keep the hose below the water level. Then connect the CPAP hose to the fitting.

If you do not have a humidifier, simply remove the hose from the inside of the fitting at the bottom of the SoClean. You should then attach this fitting directly to the CPAP machine by way of the CPAP hose.

Next, plug the SoClean 2 into the wall. If your device comes with a plug for one side of the SoClean 2, this is the time to insert that plug. You will not be able to use the SoClean 2 without this plug.

Another easy step is to set the clock and settings. To program the SoClean 2, first choose the clock button to the left of the screen. Then use the plus and minus buttons on the right hand side to adjust the time. Click the clock button again to have the time you have selected permanently set.

Then, select the hourglass symbol button on the bottom left of the screen. You can, again, use the plus and minus symbols to increase the length of time you want the machine to use to clean your mask. Again, this can be anywhere from 1 to 12 minutes. If you notice any odd smells in your machine, try setting the clean time for a shorter length of time.

If you click the hourglass symbol again, you now have the option to choose what time of day to set your machine to clean. Most users prefer to set this for sometime in the middle of the day. It would be wise to set this for a time after your latest wake up time during the week.

There is also a light on the SoClean 2. This indicator light will tell you if your CPAP is ready to be used. Red means that it is still cleaning the mask during the 2-12 minute cycle. Yellow means that the SoClean 2 is in its two hour cleaning cycle. Do not use the CPAP machine if it is in a yellow cycle. The SoClean 2 converts all activated oxygen back to regular oxygen. This is a very important step, as too much activated oxygen can actually be fatal to humans.  Green means you are ready to use your mask and CPAP machine again.

A few other notes here. First, you may occasionally want to wipe down this machine to remove dust, as it will build up over time, as with any feature in your home. A damp cloth is fine, but do not use water directly on the machine. Secondly, please remember that every 6 months, you must replace the filter and valve assembly. This must be done for the machine to maintain its maximum effectiveness.

How to Use

First, let’s discuss how to use this CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. Upon receiving the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle, go ahead and open it and set it up based on its instruction.

After setting it up, you will want to place it very close to your CPAP machine. Depending on the electric current in your house, you may not want it plugged into the same outlet as your machine. But your SoClean 2 still needs to be close enough to the CPAP machine that the tubes can reach between the two machines.

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The night before using this machine to cleanse your CPAP, you will want to wash your mask as you normally do.

When you finish using your CPAP machine in the morning, go ahead and take off the mask. Then place the mask in the SoClean 2’s empty compartment. Do not add water to this compartment. Simply place the mask inside, ensure the tube is in the groove on the side, and shut the lid. When you hear the lid snap closed, go ahead and turn the machine on.

If you forget to turn on the machine, never fear! The SoClean 2 has a really excellent feature for the forgetful types. You can actually program the machine to turn on at the same time every single day.

As far as time is concerned, the mask only needs 12 minutes to be cleaned. However, the mask should be left inside of the SoClean 2 for a minimum of 2 hours.

How To Program the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

On the front of the SoClean 2, at the bottom, there is a very small screen which shows the time, the length of the cleaning cycle (1-12 minutes), and the time the cleaning cycle is set to begin. There are two buttons to the left of this screen and three to the right.

To program the SoClean 2, first choose the clock button to the left of the screen. Then use the plus and minus buttons on the right hand side to adjust the time. Reclick the clock button to set the time.

Then, select the hourglass symbol button on the bottom left of the screen. You can, again, use the plus and minus symbols to increase the length of time you want the machine to use to clean your mask. Again, this can be anywhere from 1 to 12 minutes.

If you click the hourglass symbol again, you now have the option to choose what time of day to set your machine to clean. Most users prefer to set this for sometime in the middle of the day. It would be wise to set this for a time after your latest wake up time during the week.

But my hose is heated–are there any differences?

If you have a heated hose, all you need to do is use the heated hose adapter. This adapted simply protects the heated hose and allows it to fit better in the SoClean 2.

How does it clean my device?

So how does the SoClean 2 work? It is actually not a super complex process, but is a very efficient one.

The small hose which comes out of the base of the SoClean 2 connects to your CPAP’s humidifier. The hose allows activated oxygen to enter the humidifier, cleaning it. After the activated oxygen has met the humidifier, it bounces through the CPAP tube.

It travels all the way to the mask, where it exits, enters the SoClean 2 again, and then is sent back into our air.

So what is activated oxygen and how does it work?

Activated oxygen is also known as O3 or ozone. It is, essentially, just oxygen with a third molecule attached. This third molecule actually attacks any bacteria or pollutants.

This third molecule is what cleans the CPAP machine. Those who are worried about protecting our environment may be concerned about the activated oxygen then going back into our atmosphere. The SoClean 2, however, converts the O3 back into O2 before releasing it. This creates a safe release of the activated oxygen.

This ozone, or activated oxygen, can leave a distinct smell in your mask. If this is the case, rest assured the smell will decrease over time.


Be cautious when considering a purchase of this model. The SoClean 2 is designed only for the ResMed S9. If the CPAP machine you use is from the following list, you will want to purchase a different SoClean model. If your CPAP machine is not on this list, you will need to find a different cleaner.

  • Phillips Respironics
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • ResMed AirSense 10

If you’re on-the-go, don’t forget they make a travel cleaner as well.


Now for benefits of this machine. The first is fairly obvious–this machine is easy to use. From the set up taking a mere couple of minutes to simply having to daily insert your mask into the SoClean 2, this makes sanitizing your CPAP equipment a breeze.soclean 2 reviews

Another benefit is that support is very fast. If you feel there is an issue with your machine, support will get back with you quickly. They do not mind communicating with you to help you have the best possible experience with SoCLean 2.

For those with allergies and asthma, the SoClean 2 can be of major help. After all, the SoClean 2 removes all bacteria, which means that the CPAP mask and tubing is significantly more free of pathogens which increase allergies and asthma.

Ultimately, this means less coughing and less congestion. Even if this does not help you, it may be of great help to your loved ones, as your coughing and congestion may keep them awake.

One complaint about the SoClean 2 is the ozone smell. We will discuss this more in depth later, however there are several easy fixes to this which should be noted here. The SoClean 2 sanitizes but does not clean oil, etc., off of your mask. If you take the time to continue to clean your mask with Dawn or other cleaning agents, the ozone smell should not bother you in the least.

The SoClean 2 will easily fit any mask. The chamber on the SoClean 2 measures 5 ½ inches in length by 5 ½ inches in width by 7 ¼ inches in depth. This chamber should fit full face masks easily. In fact, even if your face mask is larger than this space, if it is flexible it should still fit inside the chamber.

The SoClean 2 does more than just fit masks inside, it also fits in your carry bag very easily. This makes it perfect for traveling with CPAP and SoClean 2–instead of worrying about how to clean your CPAP, you can just bring the SoClean 2 right along with you.

Keep in mind, constantly washing your CPAP equipment can quickly deteriorate it. The use of vinegar or Dawn both can erode the CPAP over time, as can simply using water and a scrub brush. By using only activated oxygen to clean out the CPAP machine, the equipment will last much longer and it will ultimately save you money in the long run!


There are a few drawbacks to the SoClean 2. The first is that it is a complicated machine. For those who simply want to press one button to get their CPAP machine clean, this may be true. However, ultimately the process is as easy as using an oven.

A second issue which has been previously mentioned is the ozone smell. This does not bother all users, but certainly bothers some. Those who have been bothered recommend a few things. The first recommendation is to make sure your SoClean 2 is going all the way through the two hour cycle. This ensures all ozone is converted back into oxygen. As ozone is poisonous and dangerous to humans, it is crucial you do not skip this step. A second suggestion is to let the CPAP run for a few minutes before putting the mask on. A final suggestion is to clean your mask with soap before using.

Another complaint is that the mask keeps any oil build-up on it. This is true, as the SoClean 2 strictly sanitizes and does not strip the mask in any way. You can continue to use soap and water to clean your mask or you can apply a damp cloth to your mask daily to remove oil.

The filters must be replaced every 6 months. For those who are on a tight budget, this is an added expense which you must consider. The filter may not need to be replaced as often if you only run the SoClean 2 every other day or so.

If you are unhappy with the SoClean 2, there are no refunds, so keep this in mind.

Finally, if you have a power outage the clock will need to be reset. This can be very aggravating to some users, but keep in mind–skipping a day will not ruin your CPAP equipment.

Our Final Thoughts on the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner Reviews

In the SoClean 2 reviews, it simply cannot be beaten in terms of ease and sanitary ability. If you have problems keeping your CPAP machine clean and wake up coughing or congested in the morning, you simply must give the SoClean 2 a try. That being said, the SoClean 2 is simple to use. Tuck your mask away and come back in 2 hours and 12 minutes, ready to use your mask as needed. No water refills daily or other sanitary measures need to be taken, though it is important to continue to wipe down your mask every day.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner

When it comes to cleanliness, the SoClean 2 does the job perfectly. It’s easy to use and very quick to assemble. It has a place in every sleep apnea suffers home.