When you are searching for the best sleep apnea mask on the market, the selection can be quite overwhelming. With so many different features and options, it can be difficult to decide which is the best sleep apnea mask for your needs. You could spend hours researching all the different sleep apnea masks on the market, or you can read through this comprehensive guide of four popular sleep apnea masks to see if these are the features you need.

Sleep Apnea Mask Buying Guide

Do you know what you should look for when purchasing a sleep apnea mask? There are several different styles currently available and each offers a unique method of delivering the air that is needed. I’ve created this helpful buying guide to describe the five basic types of CPAP masks.

Standard Nasal Sleep Apnea Masks

This is the most popular style available on the market currently. It will cover just the nose and offers a silicone or gel cushion. The CPAP will be delivered through the nostrils of the unit. While direct air is not delivered into the nostrils, a balloon of pressure is created around the nose. Many people claim that this type of sleep apnea mask is the easiest to use and most comfortable. The downside to this would be if you tend to breathe through your mouth, this wouldn’t be as effective.

Full Face Sleep Apnea Masks

Fitting of these masks is much easier than the nasal version. It covers both the nose and the mouth at the same time and is perfect for people that breathe through their mouth. The CPAP can be delivered through the nose, mouth or both at the same time. Many users find this to be great as a backup to the nasal masks when they are suffering from nasal congestion.

Nasal Interface (Pillow Style) Sleep Apnea Masks

This style features no surrounding mask parts to cover the nose or the mouth. Instead, it delivers the CPAP directly into the user’s nostrils. If you are a side sleeper, you’ll enjoy this mask type because it works well even with lower pressures.

Oral Sleep Apnea Masks

This is a popular sleep apnea mask among mouth breathers. Generally, this is used by people who cannot or are unable to use a chin strap to ensure their mouth stays shut. The CPAP will be delivered through the mouth and there is no interface to the nostrils present.

Hybrid Sleep Apnea Masks

These masks were developed to combine the ease of using a full face mask with the consistent delivery of the nasal interface mask. You can receive the CPAP to both your mouth and nostrils. This is different from the full face mask in that it doesn’t deliver to the mouth and entire nose, but just the nostrils.

Philips Respironics EasyLife Nasal Mask

The EasyLife mask features a cushion system that works as a self-sealing design. The outer cushion is designed for support and the inner cushion will achieve the seal you need. The single cushion clip holds the Auto Seal system to the forehead and the frame. This allows the cushion to automatically adjust and completely seal.

The mask features replaceable cushions. The outer cushion will rest upon your face to provide stability and support for the mask. This doesn’t provide a seal and will have gaps around several areas. The inner cushion will float inside the mask frame, resting against the outer cushion. The Auto Seal system will flex over your facial features to help prevent any over-tightening of the headgear.

This mask allows for several micro ports to fit inside the elbow. The ports are angled away from your bed partner while the micro size quietly diffuses the airflow. This reduces the overall sound.

Just like all Respironics masks and headgear, this unit is also latex-free. All sizes of this mask come with standard size 4-point adjustable headgear.

This has been reviewed as one of the easiest and most comfortable CPAP masks available today. It eliminates most pressure points on the face and allows for maximum life with its replaceable parts. There is virtually no time needed to maintain the mask compared with others you could purchase.

F&P Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask

Made from the sleep apnea industry leader, Fisher and Paykel, this Brevida mask is a modified and updated version of a previous mask. It is worn looser than other nasal pillow models. When the air enters the mask, the AirPillow will inflate. That forces it to seal both in and around the bottom of your nose. Other nasal pillows can form a direct seal on the nostrils instead. The silicone in this model is thinner, measuring just 0.25mm. It is also softer than what you might be used to from other nasal pillows masks. Thankfully, less pressure is needed to seal it because the mask isn’t worn on the nostrils.

The cushion will move closer to the nose during inhalation. Then, as you exhale, the cushion will relax and allow for easy breathing during each stage of the CPAP therapy.

Included with this mask is the newer style aid diffuser. It is both washable and durable and is made from the same material as the Eson 2 mask. You will want to clean this once a week to provide the maximum life of the mask.

There is a short tube and swivel connect found at the opening of the nasal pillow cushion. This creates space between the mask and the CPAP hose. This additional space will allow you more mobility as you move around at night.

The headgear looks a lot like the new Eson 2 masks, but it is more lightweight and durable. It also appears to be very breathable. It is adjustable where it connects to the mask. The attached Velcro tabs are easy to find, quite sticky and less prone to detach than other models. It features the split strap design which resembles the ResMed’s Air Fit P10 nasal pillow mask, however, this has the adjustable Velcro straps.

You attach the headgear to the mask by looping through the clip. These connect directly to the mask headgear. These clips can pop off during the night, and not recommended if you prefer the headgear to attach to the mask frame directly.

Inside the box, you will receive the pre-assembled mask. You can choose from three sizes: small-extra small, medium large or the fit pack which allows you to receive both nasal pillow sizes. If you are unsure what size will fit you the best, then you’ll want the fit pack. You’ll also get a full user guide to help you learn how to be clean and care for the mask.

Putting on this Brevida mask is very easy. First, you’ll want to use your thumbs to open the side support of the silicone seal. Make sure you adjust to the correct width and then place the two openings inside your nostrils. While grabbing onto the back strap, you’ll pull the headgear over your head. It should fall in place, with your strap just about the ears. Make sure you tighten the straps of the headgear to create a snug fit. With this mask, you can go a little looser than your typical nasal pillow mask.

Apex Medical Wizard 220 Full Face Mask

Apex Wizard 220

The Wizard 220 features a lightweight design that fits a wide range of facial features. The soft silicone cushion combined with the ergonomic forehead pad offers a soft and smooth feel that provides maximum stability as well as comfort. The forehead pad also offers pressure distribution technology for another benefit to the overall comfort factor. In fact, the Wizard 220 has a patented forehead pad that cannot be used by other manufacturers. You also will have no need to worry about red marks or blemishes after using this mask.

There are only four parts to this mask, making it easy for anyone to use. You’ll find it to be simple to fit and easy to release with the headgear buckle and soft tubing connection. You can also easily remove the headgear from the mask frame with the quick release clips. These will not interfere with the unique fit because you don’t have to readjust and refit the mask every time you wear it.

There are three different sizes available on this mask: small, medium and large. This allows you to customize and personalize your sleep experience. You can use it with most any CPAP machine and tubing system.

There is also an included automatic safety valve in case of emergencies. If you lose power for some reason or your machine should stop working, the valve would automatically open so you can breathe.

The Apex Wizard 220 is one of the easiest masks to use. Simply hold your mask over the nose with the cushion. Carefully pull your headgear over your head. Now you can hook the lower buckles on the frame of your mask. Adjust the upper straps of the headgear until you are comfortable. Be sure you repeat this same step with your lower straps on the headgear. After you’ve followed all those directions, you are ready to connect the tubing of your mask up to your CPAP machine. Turn on the airflow and pay attention for any leaks. If you do find a leak, you will need to adjust the fitting to make it more secure. Be sure that the mask is always comfortable despite the adjustments you are making.

Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Frame with Cushion

simplus cpap mask

This release from Fisher & Paykel is their newest and most advanced full face mask yet. It features the same RollFit auto-adjusting cushion as the Eson to provide you with a comfortable, leak-free seal. It is also known for its ErgoForm Headgear and Easy Frame. These three aspects all work together to make a comfortable and convenient mask for any user.

The one size frame is convenient because it will fit all three cushion sizes. Your partner will be happy about the advanced air diffuser which enables a virtually silent operation.

With only three main parts to the mask, the Simplus can be taken apart quickly for cleaning and proper care. It is a lightweight mask with an easy clip that is comfortable to wear.

If you are an active sleeper, this mask will provide you a ball and joint elbow to accommodate all your movement. The full framed mask also allows for air to flow into the nose and mouth. This is ideal for when the mouth drops open in the middle of sleep.

The breathable headgear quickly adjusts using simple Velcro tabs. It is also easy to remove with the attached headgear clips. Some aspects of the headgear will stretch while others are firm in nature. This allows stability while still adjusting to movement. There is a total of 5 points on the headgear that can be changed. These are both headgear clips, either side support on the forehead and on the top buckle.

The RollFit Seal rolls around on the nose. This allows the simple cushion to shift while still maintaining a seal. This provides for less stress on the bridge of the nose. While many other masks will leave a red mark on your nose, this model eliminates that additional pain.

Use the one-click design for easy removal and placement of the cushion on the mask. You can opt for three different sizes of cushion: small, medium or large. If you need a different size cushion at a later time, you don’t need to order a new mask. Simply purchase the new size and place it inside your existing frame.

Best CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers

Now that you’ve had the chance to review the different features of these 4 products, you should be able to find the best CPAP mask for mouth breathers. There is a sleep apnea mask that is right for you and will provide you the comfort you need. Remember to take your time when making a selection so you can feel rested and rejuvenated after your night’s sleep.